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Wish Your Teeth a Happy Easter, Too!

Perla Dental Easter

Is Easter candy really that dandy?

Easter is a family holiday that many Americans enjoy. Kids of all ages spend Easter Sunday wrapped in a bevy of fun activities such as Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, and being showered with sweets of all kinds — caramel-filled chocolate eggs, marshmallow chicks, and more.

Parents, as you are busy filling those last-minute Easter baskets in preparation for the Easter Bunny to hop by your house this Sunday, cialismax.com keep in mind that sugar is the leading cause of cavities and tooth decay in children (and adults who like to sneak treats from the kiddos).

Just for you, we have put together a short and sweet Easter basket guide with healthy, dentist-approved treats and alternatives for your little ones that are just as enjoyable as the bad stuff!


Edible Easter Basket: 7 Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Chocolate. Traditional chocolate bars found at the drug store are loaded with sugar, syrups, and hard-to-pronounce stuff. While we wouldn’t tell you to forego candy completely (that’s just cruel), you can choose a healthier chocolate bar by keeping a few things in mind. Chocolate is actually a great goodie to add to the Easter basket, especially dark chocolate, but remember, moderation is key. Don’t put too many chocolate bunnies and eggs inside the basket and help control the risk for cavities (and sugar rushes). Try to find chocolate that has 70 percent or more cacao. Cacao helps lower blood pressure and reduce the risk for coronary heart disease.
  2. Fruit. Fill the basket with yummy fruits that your kids enjoy. Try Granny Smith apple slices and peanut butter! Banana chips also make great snacks.
  3. Carrots. Carrots may not be as exciting as candy, but you can dress them up for the Easter Bunny.  Try wrapping them in colorful cellophane and ribbon with some hummus or ranch packs.
  4. Cheese Crackers. Do your kids love Goldfish crackers? Cheesy snacks make an Easter-appropriate basket filler, especially when they’re shaped like bunnies! Try Annie’s cheddar bunnies, which also come in whole-wheat varieties.
  5. Graham Crackers. Graham crackers are a delicious alternative to cookies. Try Annie’s bunny grahams to stick with the Easter theme!
  6. Gummy Candy. Although jelly beans and chewy candies are popular, they can dislodge sealants and fillings. For gummy treats, make sure your kids drink lots of water to help clear out any residue that may get stuck between their teeth.
  7. Hard Candy. Avoid hard candy because they are slow to dissolve, thus exposing your children’s teeth to sugar for a longer period of time. There is also the possibility that your kids may chip their teeth when chewing. If Jolly Ranchers are your favorite, try a sugar-free alternative instead.

Patient Experience – The Most Important Part of Dental Care


Why is this an issue?

 Most people get chills even after having a single thought about their dentist, let alone considering a visit to one. This has become quite a problem, as people not only neglect to visit the dentist for their regular check, but tend to wait for the last possible moment before actually going to resolve an issue that is by that time war worse than it would have been, initially, if it would have come into existence, at all. With so many myths existing about dentists, and some of them behaving rather discouragingly, it is no wonder that people tend to avoid them altogether.

How to make things better for the patients:

Firstly, dentists should do more to assure people that dentistry by itself does not mean drilling and taking out the teeth, but preventive care. With events, seminars, and a presentation, or even an e mail, you can avoid so much trouble, that people will get rid of most of the anxiety that they have about dentists.

Furthermore, people are curious, and scared people even more so. They like to be assured that the procedure will be safe, if not painless. Guiding them through the procedure, or procedures, depending on the case, will make things more comfortable.

Another very important factor in the whole experience is pain, of course. In some cases, there might even be the fear of needles involved, and patients must be encouraged in any possible way that they will not be submitted to any such methods, or shown that those methods are not in any way as fearsome as they might think them to be. With local anesthesia, whether injected or sprayed, pain is effectively blocked, and the patient is exposed to nothing but a simple experience of sitting in a chair with their mouth open. What is more, if the dentists use the Dental Vibe, a device that can cause vibrations in the selected place of injection, and also serves the purpose of retracting the tissue and illuminating the selected spot. The varying vibrations are used to confuse the brain, overloading with stimuli, so that it does not react to the needle injection, thus making the anesthesia painless.

Remember, dentists everywhere:

The process of going to the dentist is not just a drill and fill exercise, but communication, and the dentists are therefore responsible for making the experience of the patient a lovely one. With a pleasant dental team & clear guidelines, much of the trouble can be avoided. Once you get through to a certain patient once, so that they come in for a visit, things can be made better, by teaching them how to care for their teeth and gums, that way, preventing severe cases and making the visits a fun activity.

Add to this the new practice of selecting a different anesthetic agent, and different methods of administering them, and the period of treatment, and after the treatment will become a pleasure. A dentist should remember that happy patients are the best advertisement for their practice.

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Oral Health – 5 Important Things Quick & Easy


Mother and children brushing teeth

  1. Brush frequently, but mind how you brush:

Be sure that you must brush your teeth frequently, as it has been said many times before. But, you must also have in mind that there are specific things that you need to know before you just take that brush into your hands, you should know that the proper technique can help you much more than a very expensive brush. Sure, the electric ones are very good, as they do have those vibrations and the added spin which helps in removing the tartar, but, you must also take note that you need to move those brushes, regardless of their novelty. The proper technique will help you remove more tartar than an expensive brush will, so keep that in mind.

  1. Be sure to dry your brush:

While this seems like a rather odd thing to do, having water on your brush does indeed help the bacteria develop on it, and that is the last place where you will want to have bacteria. Be sure to dry your brush as that will remove any bacteria that might be troublesome later. If you happen to travel, then take your brush out of the container, and let it dry in the air.

  1. Clean your tongue:

The tongue, actually, holds the most bacteria in your mouth, especially the top part, the hard one. By brushing your tongue, you remove even more bacteria from your mouth, which directly impacts the overall health of your mouth. What is actually important, except removing the bacteria that might otherwise get onto your teeth, is that you actually prevent yourself from having bad breath, that is, halitosis. Halitosis can make you into a very unwelcome sight, as you will end up with people covering their noses around you.

  1. Consider ‘detergent’ food:

The concept of ‘detergent’ food is something that is not new at all, as you have some fruits and vegetables that actually clean your teeth. Firm and crisp foods are the most helpful ones, and they help your teeth as they clean them while you are eating them. Apples are the most known detergent food, and apart from them, you can also try raw carrots, celery, and would you believe it, popcorn. Having detergent food as your final snack after a meal makes sure that you don’t have the urgent need to brush your teeth, and this is always good to have in mind, especially if you plan on travelling right after having that snack.

  1. Visit your dentist:

While it might be obvious at first, but when you think about it, most people do not actually visit their dentist often enough or at all, unless they have an emergency that absolutely needs to be taken care of. If you take care of your teeth by following the tips above, your visits to the dentist do not need to be nearly as menacing as they are in case of other people, who tend to make things more difficult for themselves. Brush smartly, frequently, every part of your mouth, eat healthy food and you should have great oral health and enjoy every visit to your www.cialismax.com dentist, as it will turn out to be a friendly chat.

Your Teeth Will Love These Fall Treats


Fall is Coming, so Get Ready for some Healthy Treats

Fall is a season where things start to get colder, but, that doesn’t mean that there is less food to be eaten. Quite the contrary, you have food which only starts to grow in September, not to mention a plethora of holidays, where you will get the chance to eat a lot of sweets, most of which will give your teeth something to dislike.

Generally, sweet food produces tartar, which might, if not cleaned regularly, turn into plaque, which in turn, damages the enamel of the teeth, and not only that, but attacks the gums, too. That could turn into a severe problem, especially if you are found of industrial sugar, and of industrial sweets, generally speaking.

Your dentist might give you some advice to handle the situation, such as brushing and cleaning your teeth regularly, not to mention after each and every meal containing a sweet, but that might not be enough, as people tend to (intentionally) mishear their dentists, continuing to eat sweets, regardless.

Reconsider Your Diet for the Coming Season

There are many healthy foods that you can consume, that will not only do wonders for your overall health, but for your teeth and your mouth, specifically. You can add these to your daily meals, in order to make your visits to the dentist less frequent, and less painful:

  • Apples – While the American Dentist Association advises everyone to stay clear of sweets, there is an exclusion from the list, and that would be, apples. They are not only rich in fiber and water, but also serves as a stimulant to the production of saliva, which combined with the watery nature of the apple, tends to wash out the food remains and the tartar from your mouth. You can use apples as a cleaning solution if you are somewhere in the open, where washing your mouth with a brush and toothpaste, one containing fluoride, is impossible. Have in mind that apples are also healthy for the gums, because the fibrous texture stimulates them.
  • Cheese – Ah, cheese lovers, rejoice! Your favorite food is not only good for your taste buds, but now, you can eat it, knowing that cheese protects you from the dry mouth, because the effort required to chew it produces more saliva. Not only that, but cheese is rich in calcium and protein, which are very good for the enamel. Cheese also raised the pH in the mouth, making it a go to food for the fall season.
  • Carrots – Add them to a salad, eat them raw, it doesn’t matter, they will do wonders for you. Rich in fiber, very crunchy, they will wash your teeth similarly as apples would. Have them after a meal and you will be cool and collected, giving your dentist a familiar: “Eh, what’s up, Doc?” before each meeting.
  • Almonds – They are rich in protein and calcium, while at the same time containing very low sugar levels. You can enjoy a cup of these at any point of the day, or have them as an addition to your salad.
  • Leafy greens – They find their way onto every list of healthy foods, but that is not all, as their benefits do indeed have what to do with oral health. You can enjoy the calcium rich spinach and kale, which also contain folic acid. They will not only strengthen your enamel, but save your gums from any forthcoming unpleasantness like gum disease, or even help treat it.

Have yourself a healthy treat this fall, with the following foods, but, that is not all, as there are many more which you can add to your list of favorable snacks, like yoghurt, celery, raisins, milk, cranberries and tea. Enrich your diet with these snacks and give your dentist a white smile every single time.

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Oral Health – The Power of Your Smile


5 reasons why your smile is so important: 

  1. A nice and white smile means great oral Hygiene

The first thing that comes to mind, except beautiful, is that a white smile is a symbol of good oral health. Good oral health requires you to brush and floss regularly, with a good technique, to remove as much as you can of the tartar. What is more, a good smile also requires regular visits to the dentist, if nothing else, you will be assured that you are in good health.

  1. A smile can be much more than Happiness

When you smile, it means that you are happy, and happiness is often difficult to come by with all the things that make our life go by so fast. But, if you take good care of your teeth, smiling can be a real pleasure, and you will have a good reason to be happy, as great oral care can lead to you having less health problems, making your visits to the dentist happy occasions where you go for a chat instead for a drilling, both in the literal sense, and in the other where you are repetitively told to take better care of your teeth.

  1. A Beautiful smile is a Natural seduction

People love seeing a white smile, as it means more than just repetitive brushing and cleaning, three or more times a day. It also means that you have habits, good ones, and are therefore to be considered reliable, which could translate in you getting a job. Nothing impresses as much as visit a reliable person, especially one with a white smile. And what about that other person, the one that you like? Do you not think that they will take kindly to your smile? More likely to the white one, as opposed to the yellow one.

  1. A Beautiful smile is a Warmth of Welcome

If you take a look at some of the famous movie stars, for example, Tom Cruise, you will see that they had quite an increase of his fan base, as well as the overall quality of the movies, not to mention the box office, after he got his teeth whitened. Think of George Clooney, and even Miley Cyrus, and you will notice that they look much better with their teeth whiter, and with their confidence up.

  1. With confidence, you will earn the trust of others:

Give yourself a good smile, whether by improving your oral care routines, or by visiting your dentists to get some cosmetic makeovers, and you will give yourself much more than just health. With a good, nice smile, one that everyone will love to see, you will get your confidence back, or get even more of it if you had it. With you being confident, you will likely improve your communication with people, and therefore earn their trust, which ends up with you having both good health, and good friends, not to mention a possible jump in your career. So just remember to give your teeth the care they need.

Bad Breath And Its Cures


Bad breath or halitosis means that an unpleasant odor is emitted during the respiration. It is a disorder that can affect people of any age and sex, it also occurs more frequently with age. From the social point of view it is an issue that could cause embarrassment for those affected and can even put at risk relationships.

The Causes:

In most cases, up to 90%, the bad odor originates directly in the mouth, due to the accumulation of food residues. The problem is related to food rotting, and a complex series of chemical reactions with the bacteria present on the back of the tongue, in the inter-dental spaces, imperfect dental restorations, or dentures.

It is also possible to identify a number of foods that can worsen your breath like:

  • Dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream),
  • Onions and garlic,
  • Alcohol (it can dehydrate the mouth),
  • Sugar (because it can act as a stimulus to the growth of bacteria) and
  • Coffee (because of acid pH).

There are also a number of other factors that may aggravate the problem such as,

  • Poor salivation,
  • Poor oral hygiene,
  • Undetected caries,
  • Local infections,
  • Inhalation through the mouth,
  • Stress,
  • Smoke,
  • Alcohol and
  • Drugs

Diseases and Diagnosis for halitosis:

  1. Respiratory diseases like: tonsillitis, bronchitis and sinusitis,
  2. Digestive diseases like: acid reflux and diabetes,
  3. Kidney or liver dysfunction

A medical diagnosis of halitosis can be accomplished by visiting your dentist for the above which directly affects dental hygiene. He or she can evaluate if the origin of the breath is due to the caries or bad oral hygiene. They’ll try to determine the source of the odor coming from your mouth.

If the odor doesn’t seem to be coming from your teeth or mouth, your dentist will recommend you to visit your family doctor to rule out an underlying disease or condition.

Care and Treatment:

12-foods-that-stop-bad-breath0Before consulting your doctor, you can try to put in place a number of strategies to solve the problem and you can Buy Real Phentermine 37.5 mg online… do it at home.

In addition to the usual, twice a day cleaning of the teeth you can try also:

  1. Cleaning your tongue with specific brushes, just be sure to brush carefully along the edge of the gum and on the surface of the teeth. After brushing the teeth, brush your tongue, too, especially the part closest to the throat.
  2. Search for specific mouthwashes and toothpastes for bad breath (they normally contain antimicrobial ingredients, including fluorine, zinc and aromatic or essential oils).
  3. If you use a mouthwash be sure to rinse for at least 30 seconds before spitting.
  4. Use dental floss or inter dental brushes least once a day to remove food debris in-between your teeth.
  5. Eat more fruits and vegetables every day and decrease the consumption of meat.
  6. Eliminate foods containing onion, garlic and acid seasonings that can worsen the breath.
  7. Avoid the consumption of alcohol and avoid smoking.
  8. Consume sugarless candy, gum or mint, drink more water if the mouth appears to be dry, it will stimulate the production of saliva.
  9. If you have dentures, clean them (if possible after every meal).Perform deep teeth cleaning at your dentist’s office at least twice a year.





Defeat Monster Mouth: Healthy Teeth Tips for Kids

Perla Dental Children's Dentistry http://www.phentermine375mgcapsule.com

Did you know February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? This month is dedicated to educating kids and parents about the benefits of great oral health. According to the CDC, cavities are the most common chronic disease among kids aged 6-19. In fact, a kid between the ages of 14-17 is 4 times more likely to have cavities than asthma! With all that in mind, here are 5 things parents and kids can do:

  1. Use fluoride: If your child is over age 2, make sure their toothpaste contains fluoride. Also, check to see if your tap water has fluoride in it. If not, talk to your dentist about fluoride supplements.
  2. Dental sealants: Talk to your child’s dentist about dental sealant. This is a thin plastic coating applied to the surface of the teeth, which acts as a barrier to help prevent cavities.
  3. Follow the “2×2” rule: Make sure your child is brushing their teeth for a full two minutes twice a day. It may help to make a brushing chart and use a timer.
  4. Eat right: Explain to your child how sugary and acidic foods can cause cavities and weaken tooth enamel. Educating children about how foods impact their health will give them the knowledge they need to make better food choices.
  5. Visit the dentist: Your child should have their first dentist visit by their first birthday. After that, they should continue to see the dentist at least once every year.

Let us Celebrate – National Dental Hygiene Month


National Dental Hygiene Month is our favorite month of the year, because it allows us to discuss our passion without any limitations. Believe it or not, sometimes our friends, families and even co-workers get sick of hearing us go on and on about dental healthcare, but this is our month, so they just have to put up with it!

Anyways, this year the American Dental Hygienist Association (ADHA) has come up with a whole new approach for dental offices, and we wanted to share this idea with you. It is called “Do the daily 4”.


What is the Daily 4?

All you need to do is brush twice a day, floss once a day, rinse and chew sugar-free gum once a day. That’s it. By just adding four small things to your daily routine you can improve your dental health and overall well-being.


How to Do the Daily Four RIGHT

The Daily 4 isn’t just about establishing good habits, it is about doing so in the right way. Here are the basics you need to do to correctly implement the daily 4 as part of your life.


  1. Brush Twice for atleast TWO Minutes

The old school of thinking used to be one minute three times a day. Recent studies suggest a more thorough brushing twice a day actually is better at fighting plague, cavities and other dental issues.


  1. Floss

A lot of patients struggle with making flossing a habit. Figure out what makes flossing difficult for you, so that a dental hygienist can work with you to pick out floss that works for you.


  1. Rinse

Only a small part of the mouth is teeth, so you need a rinse to fight bacteria in the rest of the mouth.


  1. Sugar-Free Gum

If you are on the go, sugar-free gum is a great way to help cleanse the teeth.


Conclusion on National Dental Hygiene Month

Figure out a way to celebrate your oral health with us this month by taking caring care of your mouth. We can’t wait to see the happy, smiling faces you get as a result. There is always a lot to learn and enjoy being cared by dental hygienist – talk to us for ongoing specials and visit by to say hello to allow us to cherish your precious smiles for you.

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The Importance of Saliva

Saliva 3While some may argue that saliva is unappreciated and that too much of it is just bas looking, the dentist community disagrees, as saliva plays many major roles in both your digestive tract and your mouth, too. Keeping a salivated mouth will help you keep your teeth healthier, and your digestive tract, too, and here are just some of the major reasons why:

Saliva as a shield to your enamel:

Saliva is made by the salivary glands, little organs in your cheeks, all around the mouth and it mainly consists of water, mucus, proteins, minerals and an enzyme called amylase. The salivary glands operate at their fullest when you are hungry, near food, or are otherwise engaged in thinking about food.  There are tiny tubes called ducts which transfer the saliva to your mouth. The saliva, which acts as an antibacterial shield, helps keep your enamel safe from any and all bacteria that you might have missed while brushing, which also means that it pushes any of the food that you might have missed. The saliva also has minerals that help rebuild the surfaces of the enamel and can also help neutralize the acids that have a tendency of breaking down that same enamel.

Are the salivary glands on vacation?

Well, they are not, technically, although there is a scientific term for the dry mouth and it is Xerostomia. There are many things that can lead to xerostomia, starting from the obvious ones, like lack of water, or dehydration, then to the less obvious ones like Sjögren’s syndrome and diabetes. There are some medications that also have a bad impact on the saliva, so you should check with your doctor whether some of the medications that you are taking are the negative ones. There are several bad things that can happen when you start having a dry mouth, caries, tooth decay and yeast infections to start with. The lack of saliva can cause problems with the digestive tract, as digestion starts in the mouth, the signals then being sent to the stomach to prepare it for the rest of the process. And, there is also the uncomfortable feeling of having a dry mouth.

Tips for getting rid of the dry mouth:

Make sure that you drink enough water during the day, and this is a statement that has been repeated countless times by doctors and dentists both, so it is a statement to be taken seriously. These can help keep your mouth salivated, and they go hand in hand with the lots of water from above, as both the candy and the gum trigger the salivary glands so that your mouth will be slippery and nice.

Visit your dentist often enough not to be sorry later:

The dentist will tell you to brush and floss regularly, and to go on regular checkup, in order for a potential problem to be spotted early. What is more, a dentist will tell you to avoid acidic or spicy and salty foods, as these can irritate the mouth further, to a state of being dry.


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