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Teeth Whitening – 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Getting your pearly whites stained is something that can become troublesome, if not a serious issue. While the stain itself is usually not a terrible issue, it can be a sign of neglect of oral hygiene, or an improper diet. Staining can also be caused by extreme use of tobacco and alcohol, especially beer. Stains can have an impact in your social life, whether in terms of relationships or for your career, you should have in mind that white teeth are the way to go, health wise and social life wise.

While there are many reasons to your teeth getting yellowish, here are the top five you should avoid, as well as the five things you should do if you lose that pearly white color.

The five don’ts:

  1. Tea and coffee – by far some of the most widespread drinks, favored by many, can be a cause of stained teeth. You should avoid these, especially in high doses or for a prolonged period of time if you want your teeth to remain white.
  2. Dry mouth syndrome or xerostomia is also a frequent cause of stained teeth, although through an indirect approach. The enamel is weakened by the lack of saliva, therefore exposed to more damage. Getting this under control may require help from your local dentist, although, drinking a lot of water helps.
  3. Certain fruits can color your teeth, starting from cranberries, raspberries, blueberries to citrus fruits which contain acid, among other things. Limiting your consumption of these will help keep your teeth white.
  4. Alcohol, especially beer and red white are a sure way of getting your teeth stained, not to mention tobacco use. These two should be avoided if you want to keep your teeth white and your body healthy.
  5. Avoid acidic food, and try and keep your diet balanced.

Do note that some people have stained teeth due to genetics. If things get out of hand, visiting your dentist is always a good idea.

The five do’s:

  1. Since we’re on term with a good diet, eating crunchy vegetables and fruit helps keep your teeth clean. Apples and carrots are a notable example of a way to keep your teeth clean the natural way.
  2. But, when nature cannot do things on its own, then we step in to help, with a toothbrush and floss. Brushing and flossing twice a day should keep the stains away. Be sure to brush after a rough meal or some of the food and drinks that color teeth. Keep a travel toothbrush handy, in case you decide to hop aboard a plane.
  3. There are many teeth whitening products and kits that you can use at home. These are designed to be safe and easy to use, so you would have no problems getting your teeth white with those products. It is a very user friendly and relatively cheap way of getting some white back to your teeth.
  4. Most products such as toothpastes or mouthwashes are white teeth friendly, in other words, they have whitening properties. Buying these off the counter is more than just possible, it is also a convenient way of starting your journey to the land of pearly white smiles.
  5. Lastly, although, in most cases it should come in at the first spot, visiting your dentist on a regular basis. Most people come to their dentist when they are in dire need of assistance, or in the case of others, just in time to prevent a complicated surgery, and they end up making things worse. Do not tally, visit your dentist often and they will help you keep your smile white.


Mouth Sores – How to Prevent Them

Mouth sores can be quite a pain, in more ways than one. They can be classified into two types of sores, canker sores, the more common ones, and cold sores, which are not typically found inside the mouth although it is not unheard of.

Canker sores are the more frequent ones, usually found in the mouth and have the shape of a round white or yellow spot with a red swell around it. Their causes are many and the good thing about them is that you cannot transfer them to another.

Cold sores, on the other hand, you can transfer and they are the result of the herpes simplex virus. They take the shape of red spots with a blister in the center. It can hurt and feel sore, therefore the name, as well as be swollen, too. They can be found on the lip or outside the mouth, though in rare occasions you can also find them inside the mouth. You can get them via saliva or contact with another person who has it, or by simply touching a cold sore. It is worth noting that some people have the virus in them but are not affected by it, therefore signaling the importance of the immune system.

Canker Sore Prevention

Canker sores can be caused by many things, starting from the food you eat, to physical injuries to the mouth such as biting it. Acidic food and juices can also be a cause of these types of sores and not to mention stress. A deficit of minerals and vitamins can also be a cause, that is, an improper diet.

In order to prevent canker sores, you should note that their exact cause is often unknown, but that you could prevent them if you happen to know your own cause. At times, they can be caused by bites to the mouth which can be prevented by chewing slower or avoiding talk while you eat. At other times, sharp food can also be a cause like chips, bread crust and the like. Being cautious while eating those is as good advice as you can get.

Using softer brushes is another way to avoid getting canker sores, as is stress control and limiting or completely omitting tobacco and alcohol from your life.

A balanced diet helps with many things, so does it with the prevention of canker sores, especially zinc, folic acid, iron and vitamin B12.

Visiting your dentist is always a good choice, as they can tell you if your sores are problematic or simply a sign of temporary bad habits.

Cold Sore Prevention

Since cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, you would have to get the virus to get the sores. Getting the virus is surprisingly easy, you only need to kiss the infected person or share glasses of wine or maybe the fork that you forgot for your camping trip.

Getting the virus is one thing, but you still may do things to prevent it from spreading and causing cold sores to form. You should avoid touching the sores, as you might help them spread to the eye or other people, too. You should avoid stress and keep your immune system up as colds or a flu can trigger the sores. Likewise, you should avoid sunlight or get a lip balm or sunscreen, as direct sunlight can make the sores flare up.

Talk to your doctor if you are prone to getting cold sores. They can help you in preventing them, as well as help you find your specific cause.

Show My Love, Dental Gifts and Services

The most romantic day of the year is knocking on our doors. We will open our hearts and our doors to the loved ones celebrating one of the most gratifying and beautiful feelings that humankind enjoys. Love!

I believe that everyone can take part in the celebrations and presents can be made to honor each and every person that we feel involved with. What we should take care of at this time is our oral health as well.

Therefore, after an evening of sweet chocolate gifts and romantic dinners, family theater outings with extra sweet candies or nice overly indulgent parties with friends, maybe it is time to think about what we can do for those that we cannot afford to lose, our pearly whites!

All that excess of wining and dining can take a toll and that is exactly what we want to prevent. You can use an excuse and say: It is just for a day, but it is never just one day.

  1. Dental Services Voucher

An unanticipated present to your family members could be a voucher for a session of professional dental hygiene. At least once a year we should submit ourselves to a professional teeth cleaning. It not only helps us have a brighter smile, but it also prevents diseases such as a periodontal disease. And, in a San Valentine`s context, it may be useful to take care of our teeth after they have been put to the test by the chocolate feasts.

This gift will surely be appreciated by the people you care most about!

  1. Dental Travel Kit

If your loved ones are always on the go, never underestimate their need for regular oral hygiene. A travel size toothbrush, floss and mouthwash can be ideal for them. You can also look for a fancy, posh dental kit that some eminent fashion brands make, in case you want to make your gift more exclusive.

  1. Chocolate Gifts

Many boyfriends and fiancés like to present chocolates to their beloved ones and that seems mandatory on a Valentine’s day. That can influence our dental health, so why don’t you try with a dark chocolate instead of a milky one? It has less sugar and more antioxidants that everyone can benefit from.

  1. Fruits and healthy snacks

Our kids need to feel loved and not excluded on a Valentine’s day. Therefore, think about simple gifts that you can present to them. This is a chocolate day for most people, but you can make an interesting fruit and snack basket that will be appropriate for their age, and with dental health in mind, opt for snacks with low sugar content and make it a colorful combination.

  1. Non-Candy Gifts

There are other significant gifts your loved ones will appreciate a lot. Tickets to the sports games or cinema, flowers or jewelry. For the parents, there is a gift they would enjoy for sure. Kids can gift them with a “house cleaning”!


Think about alternative gifts, and most importantly, make your love to be the best present!