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5 Important Improvements in Dental Technology

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5 Important Improvements in Dental Technology

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Dental technology has taken gigantic leaps in the past 20 years

With technology on the rise, you can see improvements everywhere, from your blacksmith, to your astrophysicist, and they cannot be just ignored. Healthcare has also got its improvements, from better X Ray machines, digital technology to lasers, all of which are used frequently to improve the lives of many an ill person.

Dentistry, too, has not been overlooked, and innovations have made their way into the regular dentist’s hands, making their jobs much easier, and their patients very happy visitors.

Here are the 5 most important improvements in dental technology:

  • The Laser

Wherever you go, you must mention the laser, as it has been a very useful tool in helping the lives of people. Whether it is used in production or in healthcare, the laser has been effective in its job and in the case of dentistry, painless.

In dentistry, the laser is used to make certain procedures painless, and others, much easier. Lasers remove the need for a local anesthetic, as they make no direct contact with the affected area. Lasers are used in gum reshaping, teeth whitening and cleaning. There is even a laser diode that is used instead of the “explorer”, a tool for detecting tooth decay.

  • Dental Implants

Dental implants have been around for a while, but they have evolved into new teeth. Once a tooth is removed, an implant can be placed to replace it, and the procedures have become that much easier nowadays. They are also effective because they keep the mouth from falling, not to mention the esthetic value.

Crowns can also find their way here, as they are used to replace chipped or damage portions of a tooth, and they have improved over the years.

  • CAD/CAM Technology

This stands for computer assisted design and computer assisted manufacture, which is used to make the crowns for the teeth. Usually, before a crown was made, a dentist had to take a mold of a patient’s tooth and then make a temporary one, before a permanent one was completed in a dental laboratory.

Today, a tooth is drilled to prepare it for a crown, and a picture is taken with a computer. CAD/CAM technology jumps into action here, where a machine to which that same picture is delivered, makes a crown for that specific tooth, right in the office. The days of waiting and wearing a temporary crown are over.

  • Nitrous Oxide and Intravenous Sedation

One cannot just avoid mention Nitrous Oxide, especially when it made its way into dentistry. It is commonly known as laughing gas, but it helps sedate the patient, getting them to a relaxed state, but one where they can still communicate and interact with their dentist.

IV sedation is used during critical surgeries, like wisdom teeth removal, or other potentially painful treatments, even more so when a patient has anxiety, as it puts them to sleep, making them completely unaware of the situation and the procedure. This has saved many a dentist from troublesome conversations, and many a patient from stress and further tooth decay.

  • Better Fillings and Materials

Fillings have been a part of dentistry for a long time, but today, you can use newer materials that not only last longer, but do you the service of decoration, complementing the color of your teeth. New bonding materials, like resin, a sort of plastic, are used to repair a tooth.

Furthermore, there are porcelain and composite fillings that do a very good job of resembling a tooth’s original color, blending in perfectly.

Technology is surely to develop further, and there are more things that could be mentioned, as teeth and oral hygiene are as important as any other part in the body.

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