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5 tips for improving your child’s smile!

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5 tips for improving your

child’s smile!

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Smiling at people is one way of showing them our love. There is no better way to convey love and happiness and no one can resist a child that smiles openly and with delight.

Yellow or brownish teeth can make your child shy and uncomfortable, but these problems are quite common nowadays. This issue can easily be dealt with by following some simple oral hygiene rules.

In today’s fast paced world maintaining hygiene and dental health is an issue. Stains on your child’s teeth are an unpleasant problem that can be caused by many different factors. Having a dental exam is the first step that will allow you to determine the causes of the stained surfaces and whether there is a need for treatment or not. After the possibility of a cavity has been ruled out, you can proceed in the search for other causes of staining problem.

External stains on the surface of your child’s teeth are usually caused by food and sugary drinks and can be easily removed with a thorough professional dental cleaning. It is of great importance to deal with the problem early on so your child can avoid the formation of cavities. Remember that pretty and white teeth are what makes us seem healthier and attractive. Here are some tips to improving your child’s smile so they can smile freely and confidently:

  1. Wash your teeth regularly after every meal and do it together, it is more fun that way. Put some music on and wash with the beat! Children learn by example, words are not enough, show them how to do it properly.
  2. Talk with your child about oral health. It can be rewarding for both you and your baby and it pays on the long run.
  3. Tell your child that the visit to your local dentist is not necessarily scary. It can be painless and if the dentists play along it can also be a sort of a game for them.
  4. Avoid some of the foods that can provoke cavities or eat them less. If you have something sweet, try to eat or drink it with a meal to limit the exposure time to your teeth.
  5. Start flossing with your child, as well, as that could be a fun task, as well as a necessary one, as flossing helps remove any and all plaque that you might have missed by brushing. Regular flossing will remove the possibility of tartar forming, which would make both you and your child smile frequently.

As Saint Valentine is approaching, the best way to greet someone you love is by showing them your pearly whites, so be sure that you follow these simple steps to avoid having a yellowish smile, for both you and your child. Although dental hygiene is important, remember that having fun while cleaning your teeth is just as fun. Having fun ensures that your children continue to keep up good dental habits such as brushing and flossing!