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Addressing Dental Anxiety

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Addressing Dental Anxiety

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Dental Anxiety – A Frequent Cause of Oral Hygiene Neglection

Dental anxiety has been a frequent thing in dental practices, and dentists are used to seeing this, even more than once a day. While it can get rather trying at times, to ease the mind of many a scared patient, it is one of the most important things, as happy and smiling patients bring fewer tiresome surgeries and a good reputation.

While the cause of dental anxiety may have its root in different places, the result is usually more or less similar: neglect in dental hygiene, fewer appointments at the office, no show appointments, and in the worst-case scenarios, terrible infections that spread to the jawbone and other parts of the body. Addressing this serious issue is a really important task for any dentist, and luckily enough, nowadays you have many ways of dealing with it.

A Pleasant Dentist is Half a Job Done:

Walking into a dental practice where you are greeted by smiles and a pleasant atmosphere is surely to make you feel more welcome. Some of the patients that have anxiety usually feel unsure of themselves, especially if they had poor hygiene. Being judged and scolded for bad hygiene is a frequent concern. A pleasant nod and a reassuring tone can help the patients feel better.

You should be aware that most patients are also afraid of the unknown, since they put themselves at the mercy of their dentist, who is in their personal space, doing things that they most likely do not know, and which they certainly cannot see. This can lead to anxiety, as the unknown is a frequent fear with people.

Helping your patients understand the procedure, the realistic outcomes and risks may definitely help them feel better. Some patients respond better to a visual guide as opposed to a verbal one, so you might want to consider adding video presentations, or getting access to some online.

Multimedia – Every Dentist’s and Teacher’s Friend

Video presentations have been in practice for a long time, and they are more than just an effective way of presenting information, they engage other senses and ways of learning. They can also be fine-tuned so as the information that comes out is more suited to the audience at hand, let’s say, patients with serious anxiety, those with a more realistic approach, and of course, children.

While pretreatment presentations do a wonder of preparing your patient for what is to come, you can always use videos on demand during the treatment to further ease the tension of sitting in a dentist’s chair. You can play for them whatever they require and add music, too. Relaxing music, rock or heavy metal, anything and everything can be used to suit your patients’ needs, as you have the option of selectin the music they enjoy.

Fear Not the Pain That Need Not Be There

Most patients are also fearful of pain, especially if they are expecting it, and expecting it in abundance or high intensity. That can lead them to completely avoid their dentist, whether it’s an appointment for a checkup or for a treatment.

There are so many anesthetics and medications that can help alleviate, ease or completely get rid of pain during treatment that the patients really have no need to worry.

Furthermore, advancement in laser technology has allowed lasers to be implemented into dental practices, leading to almost painless or painless procedures, as it removes physical contact with the affected zones.