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Aging and Dental Health

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Aging and Dental Health

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Dental Health and Aging

When people start getting older, their body goes through a variety of changes, and the mouth and the teeth, as well, are no exceptions. With that in mind, the quality of oral care degrades with age, mostly due to other health problems that take precedence. That can lead to a very bad situation in the mouth, where most of the teeth would end up being extracted or being in a terrible condition with root and coronal caries. Thankfully, though, much of this can be avoided if a person just has in mind the following simple tips to taking care of your teeth as you age:

Get rid of bad habits like smoking and alcohol:

While smoking and alcohol affect your health, overall, and can get you to have some unpleasant side effects like cancer and brain damage, it can also stain your teeth, both the alcohol and the cigarettes. There is a good reason that dentists do not want you doing these things, and if you do, then always remember to brush frequently.

Brush and floss frequently:

It has been said so many times now that people have grown tired of it, but, brushing is one of the primary ways of keeping your teeth healthy, as it gets rid of the entire food residue that might end up casing stains and damaging the enamel. Flossing, too, helps, especially with those tricky bits of food that are otherwise impossible to get out with the tooth brush.

Take care of your dentures, too:

Though it is considered possible to end up with your own natural teeth, most people wear dentures, due to losing teeth or having them extracted. Much like with your own teeth, you need to take your dentures out, daily, and brush them, too, as bacteria and food residue tends to get stuck there, too.

Drink a lot of water, preferably tap water:

This has also been said many times, both as a reminder to keep your bodily fluids circulating, to get rid of any toxins, and as well as to help clean the mouth of residue. What is more, tap water nowadays has fluoride in it, an amount which is considered to be necessary for people to keep their teeth, that is, the enamel of the teeth, healthy.

Visit your dentist frequently:

As people age, their teeth become much less sensitive to caries ismedicine and other diseases, due to the nerve endings in the teeth becoming less sensitive, which could lead to further problems. There is also the matter of xerostomia, which is the dry mouth, something that over 40% of people above the age of 65 suffer from. As some of the elders are disabled or have some other problems getting to the dentist, their loved ones should help them regularly with that important task. With the care and advice of a dentist, even xerostomia could be treated, so that your elderly loved one can have a pleasant smile and healthy teeth and gum, that’s why frequent visits to the dentist are recommended.