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Dental Emergencies

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Top Facts and Tips for Dentures

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Dental Emergencies – How and What

Having a dental emergency is probably one of the scariest things that can happen to a person, not to mention one of the most painful ones. To solve those emergencies, it is of the most importance to get in touch with your dentist as soon as the emergency has happened. In case of some moderate to severe injuries, there are other things that need to be performed, but, here is a few of the most common ones, and the scariest ones, among other things, along with tips on how to handle the situations.

A tooth is pushed out of position:

Here you should attempt to put light pressure to your tooth to try and put it back in place, but nothing stronger than light. You should also bite down, so that the tooth is kept in place as much as possible while you are on your way to the dentist.

A tooth is knocked out:

When this happens, you should get in touch with your dentist for an immediate appointment, and always handle the tooth by the crown, and not the root. Handling the tooth by the root might lead to the root cells being damaged, and that would have a bad impact on reattaching the tooth. You should gently rinse the tooth to remove any and all dirt if possible, but restrain oneself from scrubbing it. If it is not possible to store the tooth in the mouth of the injured, then you should store it in a gauze and immerse it in milk or saliva, as it is of the most importance to keep it from drying.

A tooth is fractured:

Rinse the mouth with warm water and keep ice on the injured part as to reduce swelling. Remember to use ibuprofen and not aspirin, for the pain, as the aspirin has anticoagulants which might make the bleeding worse, if there is any, and that goes for all the cases of tooth injury.

If tissue is injured:

If it happens that the gum is injured, not to mention the cheeks and the lips and the tongue, no matter whether those are lacerations of puncture wounds, the wound itself should be cleaned right away and the injured person taken to the hospital emergency room, immediately if possible. Bleeding from the tongue lacerations can be stopped by pulling the tongue forward and applying pressure on the wound.


Although it is difficult to be prepared for a tooth injury, mostly due to you never knowing when might occur, it is smart to do so, and these things are easy to carry and have by your side most of the times. You will need the dentist’s home and office numbers, a handkerchief and a gauze. You will also need a small container with a lid, as well as ibuprofen, and not aspirin, because of the reasons mentioned enough.