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Shield Yourself from Bacterial Infection and Gum Recession

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Shield Yourself from Bacterial Infection and Gum Recession

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If left untreated, there are many dental issues or nuances that can turn into serious problems, starting with plaque, tartar, and going up to gingivitis, which is a bacterial infection that over 50% to 90% of adults have.

Gingivitis is, as stated, a bacterial infection, one that starts as an inflammation of the gums, due to the toxins released from the bacteria found in plaque. Plaque builds up in certain places in your mouth if you do not brush and floss regularly, which can lead to the formation of tartar, a hardened version of plaque. It releases toxins into your mouth, to which the gums react.

As simple as it sounds, an inflammation of the gums can lead to a serious problem called periodontitis, which may result in bone loss or even worse, in some situations. Gum recession is another sign of gingivitis, so make sure to have a regular checkup and follow the tips to come, in order to prevent that from happening.

Causes and Symptoms

When gingivitis is in question, there are various causes for it, and the first one would be poor oral hygiene. If you do not brush and floss regularly, you will allow the plaque in your mouth to form a hard, protective layer around it, one called tartar, which would need to be removed by a professional.

This is a rather common situation, one that people most often find themselves in. If left untreated, it can lead to the formation of cavities and gingivitis, too.

Other causes of gingivitis could be any of the following: tobacco use, older age, certain medications, a compromised immune system (HIV/AIDS), dry mouth, certain fungal infections, hormonal changes (usually related to pregnancy, the menstrual cycle or the use of birth control pills) and substance abuse.

The symptoms, however, are easily noticeable and the sooner your treat them the better. Any of the following may be a sign of gingivitis: bad breath, swollen gums, tender gums, occasionally, gums that bleed when brushed or flossed, it can come up as redness or pinkiness on your brush, a change of color to a dusky red and gum recession.

As far as gum recession is concerned, gingivitis can be a cause, but so can many other things like poor oral health, at the first place, then overly aggressive brushing and flossing, especially with a harder brush, genetics, tooth positioning, bruxism, or in other words, grinding your teeth as well as gum tissue trauma.

Gum recession is easy to spot as you might have loose teeth, a bad breath or bad taste, gums that move away from the teeth as well as swollen or bleeding gums.

Since the two diseases are obviously connected, protecting yourself from both should be an easy task with the following tips.


The first thing you can do to prevent the two diseases is brush and floss. If you have sensitive gums, be sure to get a softer brush as well as toothpaste that is specifically designed for soft gums, preferably one recommended by your dentist.

If genetics are the cause of the problem, you should contact your dentist to make sure the problems are treated early and that an adequate therapy and diet is given, in order to make things that much easier.

Lastly, visiting your dentist on a regular basis can help prevent both gingivitis and gum recession, as it can be spotted in the earliest stages, preventing the need for anything other than a regular brush and a regular checkup. The sooner you react to the slightest of the symptoms, the sooner you can smile, knowing that you needn’t worry about anything other than your daily brushing.