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Halloween is Here – The Do’s and Don’ts

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Halloween is Here –

The Do’s and Don’ts

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The Monsters of Halloween should not Get Your Teeth

Halloween is a very popular holiday, one where you can find candy everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, no matter if you are trick or treating, or if you are just going to someone’s place for a visit, you’ll likely find candy on the table, or near the door, or everywhere around you.

This usually means sugar, and not just any kind of sugar, but mostly industrial sugar, which can really do damage to your teeth, especially if you do not brush or floss, or wash away with an apple after enjoying a treat of sweets. Adults may have the mindfulness to take care of their teeth, but children will often neglect them in hopes of stuffing as many as they can in their mouths.

There are a couple of things you should be vary, both for the sake of your own health, and that of your children:

  1. Sticky vs Hard Candy – Most people think that sticky candy can do a lot of damage, because parts usually remain after it has been eaten, to attack the enamel of the teeth, and they would be right, but hard candy can be as damaging. Just imagine a lollipop melting in your child’s mouth for a prolonged time, giving those sugars everything they need to properly attack your child’s teeth. Having a sip of water every once in a while, helps countering the effect of the candies, and timing them with a meal also helps, because the added production of the saliva makes for a very nice mouthwash, even after sweets.
  2. Chewing gum – It is a frequent sidekick to the candies, but chewing gum does not need to be dangerous, as it can be packed with fluoride, and sweetened with juices approved by the American Dentist Association, thus making for a very nice tool to clean both your teeth, and that of your children, while at the same time having the effect a candy would.
  3. Avoid sugary beverages – Sports drinks, soda, and flavored beverages are all full of sugar, and that can do wonders for the tartar and the plaque that really does nothing but destroyed your teeth. Avoiding them is recommended, and drinking water instead is encouraged.
  4. Choose your candy! – It is not that difficult to find candy that is sugar free, especially if they are sweetened by stevia, a plant that has a rather sweet taste, so its extracts are used to make everything sweeter, without the painful effects of sugar. Stevia and other artificial sweeteners are not fermentable sugars, their structures closely resembling proteins, thus making them good substitutes for ismedicine food with industrial sugar.
  5. Brush and brush again – It has not been said enough times, so we might as well repeat it once again. Brushing is the key to keeping your teeth safe, and of your children. If your child is younger than 8 years, you should brush their teeth, and you should make it a fun activity, maybe adding a song, or a story every time, so that they build positive habits. Brushing will remove any tartar and food remains, making your mouth a very nice place for your teeth to live in.

Make this Halloween a much more comfortable one, without the fear of having to visit your dentist for an emergency, or any other kind of unpleasant visit. Follow the simple rules and take care of yourself, and your children.