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A Healthy Smile for A Healthy Holiday

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A Healthy Smile for A Healthy Holiday

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The Holidays Work on Your Teeth While You Rest

Every year, the holiday season approaches and people start celebrating. That means that they eat a lot of food and depending on their attention to dental hygiene, they may or may not get their teeth in trouble.

One thing is for sure, the more you eat, the more you expose your teeth to the bacteria that lives in your mouth. That same bacteria thrives and grows in an acidic environment, one that is surely to remain if you eat a lot of sweets and fail to brush or wash it out with some healthy snacks or toothpaste. The neglection of oral hygiene, especially during the holiday season, can lead to severe dental problems and you should avoid that, by following the tips to come:

  • Brush frequently – bring a travel brush if needed

Most of the time, during the holidays, you will spend your time traveling, from one house to another, if not to another state or country, and that can lead to you neglecting or forgetting to wash your teeth. Bringing a toothbrush with you can solve that, especially since you will most likely be having a lot of meals and/or snacks.

  • Avoid chewing on food for hours

If you are a fan of movies, or movie marathons, or just like to sit with your friends and talk for long periods of time, you should note that eating food while doing so might be troublesome for your enamel. The bacteria in your mouth is surely going to have a field day if you chow down for hours, without a stop, a wash, or a healthy snack to wash out all the remains that might get stuck between your teeth or in other secluded areas in your mouth.

Be mindful of the snacks that you eat, bring some healthy ones, too. Sliced apples are healthy, taste, have a tendency to wash the remains from in between your teeth, and they produce a lot of saliva, that has that same effect.

  • Beware of wine

Everyone likes drinking a glass of wine during dinner, or just to break the ice, but not everyone knows that wine is highly acidic in nature and can eventually damage your teeth. Be sure to either wash your teeth between glasses of wine, especially if you had one during the day and plan on having another in the evening, or grab a glass of water, as water and saliva can take care of the acidity in your mouth.

  • Sweets are sweet but leave your teeth sour

Again, sweets may be rather tasty, and who can resist yummy, homemade caramel dipped marshmallows? Well, even if you cannot resist them, that isn’t a reason to be unaware of the damage that they might cause, or rather the acid that remains and helps the bacteria damage your enamel.

Brushing and flossing after snacks always helps, but, you also have another solution. Chewing sugar free gum can help produce saliva which, in turn, gets rid of the acid in your mouth. Some chewing gums have xylitol in them, which helps remineralization of the enamel.

  • Visit your dentist, even during holiday season

While some dentists might go on their own holiday, others will be working, so you should bear in mind that you can visit them for a checkup, if not for treatment. Do not hesitate a moment if you have any sort of pain in your teeth or mouth.

They will make your holidays better, if not with treatment then with a smiling nod, where you get out of the chair, knowing that everything is okay with your teeth.