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Improving Oral Health for Veterans

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Top Facts and Tips for Dentures

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Smile, soldier!

Whilst being a veteran may have some impact on your general health care and dental care, you must not let that prevent you from keeping your teeth in good shape. Brushing and flossing, as well as regular visits to the dentist will keep you smiling for a long time, without the need for any emergency interventions. But, that might not be the case with some people, as they can get into problematic situations after getting back from the service.

A worrisome trend

Soldiers coming home after service usually have some difficulties adjusting, and that tends to translate negatively onto their health, in general. Sometimes, various other stress related diseases occur, some of which have to do with dental health. Neglect is one of the primary causes of deterioration in dental health, regardless of a person having served abroad, or not, but it tends to be more frequent with veterans.

Coming back, adjusting to a new old life, finding a new job, it can leave a mark on a person, especially if the country that they serve has worrisome dental plans for them, that is, some that favor only the 100% disabled or people who have been prisoners of war or have developed a dental condition, but only during the time they served.

While the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) does care for the veterans and their health, in terms of general health, dental care is another issue. Getting free care or discounts is almost impossible, especially for those that are not 100% disabled, according to their criteria. With that in mind, the veterans either have their teeth taken care of at a higher cost, or they do not, as is the case with most people, due to the high costs.

It is worth noting that the VA does support the veterans by giving them the opportunity to purchase dental insurance at a reduced cost.

Have no fear, there are alternatives

Seeing that this move from the VA is not such a good one, especially for those in need of treatment, you have individuals stepping up to help the veterans, as well as some larger dental care organizations.

A lot of dental organizations have risen to the cause with their Healthy Month Movement, dispatching a mobile trailer to more than 30 states throughout the year. They give free treatments to the veterans, with local community dentists coming to the trailer to help out.

Their idea does not only support the underserved veterans by literally helping them with dental problems, they also encourage more companies and people, in general, to join their cause and make the proud soldiers’ lives better.

Neither the veterans, nor their teeth should be neglected, so leave your worries behind, as there are people who will help you in your time of need. It is true, however, that you can help yourself, on a daily basis, with only a toothbrush and toothpaste.