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National Nutrition Month – Tips for a Healthy Smile

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National Nutrition Month – Tips for a Healthy Smile

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Most of you have heard the saying visit your dentist often or cut back on the sweets, but it is not stressed often enough to make a change. A different approach may make things better, especially since the consequences of a bad diet can have an impact on your overall health, too, and not just your teeth. We all have heard of the saying “you are what you eat”, and in most cases, the saying comes out to be true. This has a special impact on your dental health Nutrition.

Food and drinks you should be Wary of:

There is a reason to dentists saying that you should avoid sweets and that is due to their acidic nature. The acid in the sweets, if left in your mouth for a prolonged time, can eat away on your enamel. The enamel is the tough, outside layer of the teeth, one that holds back the bacteria and disease from the softer and more sensitive parts of the teeth. The enamel is one thing that you should keep healthy as that will help your teeth immensely. Generally speaking, any food with lots of sugar in it should be avoided, things like cookies, soft drinks, soda, pastry, hard and gummy candy.

It is known that alcohol also has an impact on teeth, especially red wine and dark beer. They contain chromogens that attach to the damaged parts of the enamel, coloring it thusly. The enamel gets damaged from the acid in the alcohol. There are several more reasons to alcohol being bad for your teeth, starting from the dryness of the mouth.

A dry mouth means less saliva, which is bad because saliva washes away the unwanted acids and keeps your mouth a well-balanced place. People drink a lot of dark beer and red are at risk of having their teeth stained. You can avoid this by sipping water between drinks or washing your teeth after drinking.

A bad nutrition can have impact on your overall health, in other words, you will have a deficit of certain necessary vitamins and minerals. This translates to you having a worse immune system, meaning that your mouth is prone to more diseases, such as gum disease. If left untreated, that can cause severe tooth loss, and in some cases, bone loss.

Have no fear, though, as there are many foods and drinks that you can consume to balance out your diet.

Food and Drinks You Should Consume:

Apples and carrots are your fruits and vegetables of choice if you want to keep your teeth healthy and clean. They are sometimes called “nature’s toothbrush”, as they do have a tendency of cleaning your teeth, and the crevices in between them, of all the nasty food remains that might get stuck.

Meat is also good for your teeth, the proteins and phosphorus in it helps the enamel remineralize. Nuts are also great because of the high protein count and the fact that you have to put in an effort and chew them, which stimulates saliva production.

Drinking water is essential, as water also washes away the unwanted acids in your mouth, not to mention that drinking water is great for your overall health. Regarding teeth, though, you do want to brush twice a day, especially after a big meal. Flossing also helps, and remember, visit your Dentist to inspect and enhance your dental wellness balancing your diet.