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Oral Health – 5 Important Things Quick & Easy

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Oral Health – 5 Important Things

Quick & Easy

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Mother and children brushing teeth

  1. Brush frequently, but mind how you brush:

Be sure that you must brush your teeth frequently, as it has been said many times before. But, you must also have in mind that there are specific things that you need to know before you just take that brush into your hands, you should know that the proper technique can help you much more than a very expensive brush. Sure, the electric ones are very good, as they do have those vibrations and the added spin which helps in removing the tartar, but, you must also take note that you need to move those brushes, regardless of their novelty. The proper technique will help you remove more tartar than an expensive brush will, so keep that in mind.

  1. Be sure to dry your brush:

While this seems like a rather odd thing to do, having water on your brush does indeed help the bacteria develop on it, and that is the last place where you will want to have bacteria. Be sure to dry your brush as that will remove any bacteria that might be troublesome later. If you happen to travel, then take your brush out of the container, and let it dry in the air.

  1. Clean your tongue:

The tongue, actually, holds the most bacteria in your mouth, especially the top part, the hard one. By brushing your tongue, you remove even more bacteria from your mouth, which directly impacts the overall health of your mouth. What is actually important, except removing the bacteria that might otherwise get onto your teeth, is that you actually prevent yourself from having bad breath, that is, halitosis. Halitosis can make you into a very unwelcome sight, as you will end up with people covering their noses around you.

  1. Consider ‘detergent’ food:

The concept of ‘detergent’ food is something that is not new at all, as you have some fruits and vegetables that actually clean your teeth. Firm and crisp foods are the most helpful ones, and they help your teeth as they clean them while you are eating them. Apples are the most known detergent food, and apart from them, you can also try raw carrots, celery, and would you believe it, popcorn. Having detergent food as your final snack after a meal makes sure that you don’t have the urgent need to brush your teeth, and this is always good to have in mind, especially if you plan on travelling right after having that snack.

  1. Visit your dentist:

While it might be obvious at first, but when you think about it, most people do not actually visit their dentist often enough or at all, unless they have an emergency that absolutely needs to be taken care of. If you take care of your teeth by following the tips above, your visits to the dentist do not need to be nearly as menacing as they are in case of other people, who tend to make things more difficult for themselves. Brush smartly, frequently, every part of your mouth, eat healthy food and you should have great oral health and enjoy every visit to your dentist, as it will turn out to be a friendly chat.