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Pediatric Dentistry

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Pediatric Dentistry

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Pediatric Dentistry – A Precious Smile

 Oral health care is a big part of our life, as oral health influences the overall health, and in many ways than one. The best thing about it is that you can start your oral care very early, by yourself, that is, even at the age of eight. Before that, however, it is up to the parents to help their children maintain good health care, and develop healthy habits regarding their teeth. Pediatric dentistry has received much attention lately, and with a good reason, because the best place to start is the very beginning, so here are some tips that every parent should know: 

Sugar can be really bad for the teeth:

It has been said many times, and people do repeat it often enough, and for a good reason, too. Sugar is really bad for your teeth, because it ends up as plaque on your enamel, thus making it less and less effective in protecting your teeth. That leads to caries, and even further, if the problems persevere.

When it comes to children, the problems can be even worse, especially if you disregard the healthy habits that your child needs to develop. Here are some tips to avoid those problems, and parents, pay attention:

  • There is a lot of sugar in medications. If your child drink syrup or drops that are used for cough, you should be vary, as these are best taken with meals, so that you can avoid staining the teeth afterwards. You should definitely avoid taking them before bed, especially after brushing your child’s teeth.
  • Brush frequently, but try to make it a fun activity, as your child will likely be uninterested in brushing if you transform it into a chore. Make it fun, play games, sing to your child, and try to have as much of a positive experience as you can.
  • Try to add a lot of fruit, that is, apples, and of course, water, to your child’s diet, as that can help with washing away the plaque or other elements that might turn into plaque.
  • Consult your dentist regularly, and try to make the visit to the dentist a fun activity, too, as they will develop healthy habits from that, as well as get rid of any fear or unpleasantness that might follow up on those visits.

Further tips with pediatric dentistry: 

When it comes to children below the age of 5, you should be extra careful, as their gums can be very sensitive. If you want to wash their teeth, or tooth, given that they start coming out somewhere between 12 and 18 months, it is advised to use a wet cloth instead of a brush, in order to keep the gum from being injured. After the age of 3, you may want to start using a soft brush, and have in mind that teeth cleaning is all about having the right motor skills, which need to develop. Constant practice helps with that, especially when it comes to washing your children’s teeth, something which a lot of parents are unfamiliar with at the beginning. Add regular visits to you pediatric dentist to your agenda, and you will be on the right track to making the childhood and the rest of your child’s life, a really pleasant one, as a white smile is the best kind of smile. 

The best way to prevent childhood tooth decay is by establishing a dental home for your child before their first birthday. Familiarizing them with a pediatric dentist early on will help your child get more comfortable visiting the dentist and keeping their mouths clean. After finding a dental home, visit the pediatric dentist every six months to make sure that their mouths are staying clean!


Pediatric dentists care for children of all ages. From first tooth to adolescence, we help your child develop a healthy smile until they’re ready to move on to a general dentist. We work with you to teach your kids healthy brushing habits, inform them about the importance of flossing, and give them dietary tips that will keep their mouth clean for years to come.