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Best Orthodontist in
Fort Worth, TX

Best Orthodontist in Fort Worth, TX

Affordable & Trusted Orthodontic Experts
for Children & Adults in Keller.

Affordable & Trusted Orthodontic Experts for Children & Adults in Keller.

Customized Treatment Plans starting at just $129/per month

Braces Near You in Fort Worth

Scotts Dental Group offers affordable orthodontic services in the Keller community of Fort Worth. Our custom orthodontic treatment plans for children and adults start as low as $129/per month. Scotts Dental Group provides metal braces, clear aligners, and orthodontic appliances. A smile consultation will examine and address your unique dental needs to develop a treatment plan that offers confidence, promotes good oral health, and creates a smile that will last a lifetime. Don’t wait another day, schedule your free smile consultation with Perla Dental today! 

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Scotts Dental Group-forth-worth
Scotts Dental Group Fort Worth
Scotts Dental Group Fort Worth
Scotts Dental Group Fort Worth
Scotts Dental Group – Fort Worth

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Orthodontic Services Available in Fort Worth / Keller

Scotts Dental Group offers the following types of orthodontic services in Fort Worth / Keller.

  • Metal Braces: Traditional metal dental braces are an effective way to treat and resolve tooth or jaw alignment problems. Braces involve small metal brackets attached to individual teeth. They are held together with wires tightened over time to move teeth into their proper position.
  • Clear Aligners: Clear aligners are made of transparent material to provide tooth and jaw corrections without wires and metal brackets. They are removable and used in less complex treatment plans.
  • Corrective Orthodontic Appliances: Corrective orthodontic appliances are used together or separately from traditional braces or clear aligners as part of a customized treatment plan we develop for each individual patient. Orthodontic appliances can  include retainers, palatal expanders, positioners, twin block appliances, separators, and headgear.
Orthodontic Services Available in Scotts Dental Group-forth-worth

Why Choose Scotts Dental Group for Orthodontic Treatment in Fort Worth?

Scotts Dental Group is a leading provider of orthodontics & braces services in the Greater Fort Worth at our office in Keller. Here are the reasons why our patients choose us for effective and affordable orthodontic treatment plans:

  • Friendly, experienced orthodontic team
  • Comprehensive, customized treatment plans
  • Convenient location
  • Free orthodontic consultations
  • Affordable Orthodontic Solutions
  • Se Habla Español

Are Braces Right for You? Our Orthodontic Experts Can Help!

Orthodontic specialists at Scotts Dental Group in Fort Worth/Keller provide a wide range of services, including comprehensive orthodontic consultations, restorative orthodontic treatments, braces for kids and adults, and effective orthodontic appliances to eliminate to create a winning smile!. 

Good oral health is crucial for healthy teeth and gums. Our braces dentists develop a customized orthodontic treatment plan to resolve existing dental issues, such as crooked teeth, crowded or shifting teeth, gaps between the teeth, or an imbalanced bite while improving overall oral health.

Whether you want to correct the alignment of your teeth, corrective/restorative treatment for a jaw-related issue, or straighten your teeth, our orthodontists will work with you to develop a personalized  treatment plan just right for you or your child.

We diagnose and treat various dental issues with orthodontic treatments.

  • Crowded teeth – It happens when the jaw cannot accommodate the growth of teeth. Corrective orthodontic treatment helps align teeth and lowers the chances of tooth decay.
  • Crossbite – Crossbite happens when the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth.
  • OverbiteAlso called ”buck teeth,” overbite occurs when the upper teeth extend beyond the bottom front teeth.
  • Spacing of teeth – Incorrect alignment, positioning, spacing, or gaps between teeth can occur at any age. They are all treatable with braces or clear aligners.

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Get Affordable Braces at Scotts Dental Group - Fort Worth

Scotts Dental Group is committed to providing trusted, affordable orthodontic treatments in Fort Worth for all of our patients. Our plans start at just $129/month. We offer smile consultations Monday through Saturday where our team will meet with you and analyze your smile and offer recommendations to achieve a happy, healthy smile for years to come. Every patient is unique and this time will allow our experts to better understand your condition and develop a plan that is best suited just for you or your child.  Looking for an affordable orthodontist in the Fort Worth Keller area? Call to schedule an appointment with Scotts Dental Group today!

We Accept Many Insurance Plans

At Perla Dental, we understand that dental care can be expensive, so we work
to make sure that everyone has access to quality dental care.

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Dental Payment Plans & Financing

We are committed to delivering affordable dental and orthodontics services to patients in Dallas/Fort
Worth and offer financing programs to fit your budget and credit level.

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