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Stain Relief Techniques for Your Teeth

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Stain Relief Techniques for Your Teeth

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 A White Smile is an Attractive Smile

 You have probably seen that many of the famous people have really white teeth, shining, making you wonder whether they have a perfect diet, or whether their cosmetic dentist does a rather good job.

While most of the time, both would be correct, a whitening treatment and a healthy diet might seem too costly, especially on the level of the movie stars, there are other ways of getting your teeth to be whiter.

Following the 5 simple tips below, you can make your teeth whiter in a really effective way, and then showing that smile off will be more than just a simple pleasure.

  • Avoid Food and Drinks That Stain the Teeth

This may seem like a simple enough advice, but in practice, it turns out to be a lot more difficult. On a daily basis, we consume food that have quite the negative effect on the whiteness of our teeth. Drinks are another issue, so if you are an avid tea or coffee drinker, you might want to cut down on your daily doses, or be ready to wash your teeth after each drink.

If you want to have a white smile, you have to wash frequently, even more so if you love sauces. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, even though they are healthy, they also cause staining. You should also avoid soda and actually, a lot of different foods can discolor your teeth. Remember to wash after each meal and you will definitely be removing most of the causes.

  • Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

Whether you prefer chewing tobacco to smoking, you should know that both can stain your teeth really quickly. Not only are they responsible for that yellow color and very specific odor, they are also cancerogenic. Alcohol is another issue, beer for example stains the teeth, if it is dark, and since it is acidic, it also attacks the enamel. For heavy drinkers, losing their teeth is just the tip of the iceberg, as gum disease might kick in, and even oral cancer, since alcohol is the second most common risk factor.

  • The Age-Old Recipe – Baking Soda

Baking soda is probably something your grandma and grandpa will tell you is good for your teeth. They wouldn’t be wrong, though, as mixing a quarter spoon of baking soda with toothpaste makes for a good whitening solution. Some prefer mixing it with lemon and vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, all of which yield the results of whitening your teeth. Remember to spit the mixture out after washing.

  • Orange and Lemon Peel

Rubbing orange and lemon peel against your teeth is beneficial for whitening. Rubbing for 5 minutes ought to do the trick, but remember not to do it to aggressively or for too long, as the acids in the citrus fruits can damage the enamel. Rinsing or washing afterwards is a good way to make sure that your teeth get the right treatment.

  • Salt

It might seem like an odd choice but salt does the trick. Salt helps in replenishing the mineral content of the teeth, thus helping with whitening. Mixing common salt with your toothpaste or with your baking soda infused toothpaste is a good way to include it in your daily routine. Scrub gently, though, as to avoid damaging the gums and enamel.

With these tips, you should be well on your way of getting whiter teeth, so be sure to give them a try. If your staining is deep or intrinsic, seeing a dentist is probably the best option, something which you should do on a regular basis, with or without the stains.