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Thanks Giving and Healthy Food tips

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Thanks Giving and Healthy Food tips

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Family portrait with Thanksgiving dinner

Happy Thanksgiving Foods – Friendly Holidays

Thanksgiving always bring forth the hospitality in people, and that very same hospitality has food put on tables, many of them, that you end up with so much to eat, that you are surely to gain a couple of pounds during that one day.

All that food does have an impact on your body mass, but it also has an effect on your teeth, and that is usually a negative one, as people tend to forget that the teeth need some love, too, and not just the stomach and the taste buds.

5 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving:

A healthy thanksgiving should be one of your goals, as every time you consume a large amount of food, especially if that happens through a prolonged period of time, you can do serious damage to your teeth, which definitely makes things worse.

The following tips will not only help you understand which foods to avoid, but also, which foods to consume, without fear of the negative effects.

  1. The Thanksgiving staple meal, turkey. Yes, your favorite dish, the one that everyone prepares, is not only yummy but it also does wonders for your teeth. How so, you may ask? Well, it is full of proteins, which do wonders for your teeth, and help strengthen them. But, your teeth are not the only beneficiaries of the good sides of turkey, but your bones, too, which take pleasure in you consuming the proteins.
  2. Cranberries, which may not be as sweet as you would like them to be, by themselves, but coupled with some sugar, which should not damage your teeth in low amounts, could make for a great snack. Cranberry sauce is especially nice, and if you make it by yourself, you can control the number and amount of ingredients that you put in the mixture, especially sugar. Among other things that cranberries bring to you, like vitamin C, potassium, beta-carotene, you also get to wash and clean your mouth of bacteria, as they tend to send them packing.
  3. Cheese, orange vegetables and onions. Cheese is not only very tasty, but also full of calcium which strengthens the enamel, as well as your bones. Orange vegetables like squash, carrot, and pumpkin, have vitamin A in them, which helps rebuild the enamel. Onions are full of ingredients that help combat the unfriendly bacteria in your mouth. You will find that they are at their best in their raw form, and most likely a part of another dish.
  4. Avoid sugary food. Sugars attack the enamel, forming plaque, which can cause a lot of damage, if unwashed and untreated. Be ready to floss and wash after a meal, a travel brush comes really handy in these situations.
  5. Timing your meals is a great way to avoid excess meals, or many of them chained one after another. Eating constantly keeps the acid levels in your mouth high, which tends to do damage to your teeth. Be sure to take a pause, or wash your mouth with some apples, carrots or onions.

While it might be more than difficult to keep yourself from eating all the tasty food that is on the table, or tables, you can always remember to wash or floss, or take a healthy, tooth cleaning snack at the end of it all, and you’ll make your smile last longer and be whiter.