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Patient Experience – The Most Important Part of Dental Care

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Patient Experience – The Most Important Part of Dental Care

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Why is this an issue?

 Most people get chills even after having a single thought about their dentist, let alone considering a visit to one. This has become quite a problem, as people not only neglect to visit the dentist for their regular check, but tend to wait for the last possible moment before actually going to resolve an issue that is by that time war worse than it would have been, initially, if it would have come into existence, at all. With so many myths existing about dentists, and some of them behaving rather discouragingly, it is no wonder that people tend to avoid them altogether.

How to make things better for the patients:

Firstly, dentists should do more to assure people that dentistry by itself does not mean drilling and taking out the teeth, but preventive care. With events, seminars, and a presentation, or even an e mail, you can avoid so much trouble, that people will get rid of most of the anxiety that they have about dentists.

Furthermore, people are curious, and scared people even more so. They like to be assured that the procedure will be safe, if not painless. Guiding them through the procedure, or procedures, depending on the case, will make things more comfortable.

Another very important factor in the whole experience is pain, of course. In some cases, there might even be the fear of needles involved, and patients must be encouraged in any possible way that they will not be submitted to any such methods, or shown that those methods are not in any way as fearsome as they might think them to be. With local anesthesia, whether injected or sprayed, pain is effectively blocked, and the patient is exposed to nothing but a simple experience of sitting in a chair with their mouth open. What is more, if the dentists use the Dental Vibe, a device that can cause vibrations in the selected place of injection, and also serves the purpose of retracting the tissue and illuminating the selected spot. The varying vibrations are used to confuse the brain, overloading with stimuli, so that it does not react to the needle injection, thus making the anesthesia painless.

Remember, dentists everywhere:

The process of going to the dentist is not just a drill and fill exercise, but communication, and the dentists are therefore responsible for making the experience of the patient a lovely one. With a pleasant dental team & clear guidelines, much of the trouble can be avoided. Once you get through to a certain patient once, so that they come in for a visit, things can be made better, by teaching them how to care for their teeth and gums, that way, preventing severe cases and making the visits a fun activity.

Add to this the new practice of selecting a different anesthetic agent, and different methods of administering them, and the period of treatment, and after the treatment will become a pleasure. A dentist should remember that happy patients are the best advertisement for their practice.