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The Power of a Healthy Smile

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The Power of a Healthy Smile

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You all know that a white smile is a very good smile, though getting to that point might, in some cases, require a lot of money and treatment. What you should consider is that having a white smile requires you to brush on a daily basis, and take care of a few things such as your diet, and your visits to the dentist.

There is a reason why teeth are referred to as pearly whites, when they are portrayed in a favorable fashion, and that does have to do with esthetics, but more so with health. You have probably seen white smiles on your favorite actors, musicians or famous people, generally. They do look amazing, but the health benefits that come with good oral hygiene vastly outweigh the esthetic part, and here are the reasons why.

Good dental health means good health, overall

People nowadays have an idea that your dental health does indeed affect your overall health, but they seem to forget how much. A cavity can become a serious problem if left untreated. It can lead to teeth loss, bone loss, infection, a heart attack even. Even the slightest infection, such as gingivitis, something very common in people of all ages, but more so for the elderly, can lead to serious issues such as periodontitis.

Periodontal disease has actually been linked to diabetes, in that it may contribute to it, because it affects the control of blood glucose levels. The response to periodontal bacteria can lead to increased resistance to insulin.

For women, dental health care has been linked to pregnancy. Overall, women with poor dental hygiene are at a higher risk of having a premature delivery. Not only that, there are complications that might arrive with a premature delivery, so for the sake of your own child, ladies, take care of your teeth and gums

Even cosmetic surgery has its place in dental health. Replacing an extracted tooth with a bridge, crown or implant is beneficial, as you will keep your mouth from falling, and will help you chew your food and swallow.

Many of these are just consequences of poor oral hygiene, something that can be avoided with the following tips.

A white smile is a healthy smile

The whiteness of the smile comes from the enamel, the hard surface layer of your teeth, one that can be stained with wine and tea, coffee, as well as various other food and drinks. Brushing after each meal, or if that is an inconvenience, drinking enough water to wash away the remains of food and drinks is good enough to keep your teeth clean, and the space in between them.

A well-balanced diet does wonders for your teeth, too. Cheese, raw vegetables, milk, yoghurt help strengthen the enamel and reduce the decay of your teeth. Avoiding starchy and sweet food also helps, even more so if you avoid eating snacks for hours on, without a wash or brush.

In the end, nothing beats a professional opinion, especially if it is your dentist. They can help diagnose early issues, if there are any, and help prevent them becoming any more serious. Apart from that, you will surely get more tips from your dentist.

Give yourself the best gift, a white, healthy smile, one that can help turn over your life. Brush and floss daily, and enjoy a cavity free life.