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Your Teeth Will Love These Fall Treats

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Your Teeth Will Love These Fall Treats

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Fall is Coming, so Get Ready for some Healthy Treats

Fall is a season where things start to get colder, but, that doesn’t mean that there is less food to be eaten. Quite the contrary, you have food which only starts to grow in September, not to mention a plethora of holidays, where you will get the chance to eat a lot of sweets, most of which will give your teeth something to dislike.

Generally, sweet food produces tartar, which might, if not cleaned regularly, turn into plaque, which in turn, damages the enamel of the teeth, and not only that, but attacks the gums, too. That could turn into a severe problem, especially if you are found of industrial sugar, and of industrial sweets, generally speaking.

Your dentist might give you some advice to handle the situation, such as brushing and cleaning your teeth regularly, not to mention after each and every meal containing a sweet, but that might not be enough, as people tend to (intentionally) mishear their dentists, continuing to eat sweets, regardless.

Reconsider Your Diet for the Coming Season

There are many healthy foods that you can consume, that will not only do wonders for your overall health, but for your teeth and your mouth, specifically. You can add these to your daily meals, in order to make your visits to the dentist less frequent, and less painful:

    • Apples – While the American Dentist Association advises everyone to stay clear of sweets, there is an exclusion from the list, and that would be, apples. They are not only rich in fiber and water, but also serves as a stimulant to the production of saliva, which combined with the watery nature of the apple, tends to wash out the food remains and the tartar from your mouth. You can use apples as a cleaning solution if you are somewhere in the open, where washing your mouth with a brush and toothpaste, one containing fluoride, is impossible. Have in mind that apples are also healthy for the gums, because the fibrous texture stimulates them.
    • Cheese – Ah, cheese lovers, rejoice! Your favorite food is not only good for your taste buds, but now, you can eat it, knowing that cheese protects you from the dry mouth, because the effort required to chew it produces more saliva. Not only that, but cheese is rich in calcium and protein, which are very good for the enamel. Cheese also raised the pH in the mouth, making it a go to food for the fall season.
    • Carrots – Add them to a salad, eat them raw, it doesn’t matter, they will do wonders for you. Rich in fiber, very crunchy, they will wash your teeth similarly as apples would. Have them after a meal and you will be cool and collected, giving your dentist a familiar: “Eh, what’s up, Doc?” before each meeting
    • Almonds – They are rich in protein and calcium, while at the same time containing very low sugar levels. You can enjoy a cup of these at any point of the day, or have them as an addition to your salad.
    • Leafy greens – They find their way onto every list of healthy foods, but that is not all, as their benefits do indeed have what to do with oral health. You can enjoy the calcium rich spinach and kale, which also contain folic acid. They will not only strengthen your enamel, but save your gums from any forthcoming unpleasantness like gum disease, or even help treat it.

Have yourself a healthy treat this fall, with the following foods, but, that is not all, as there are many more which you can add to your list of favorable snacks, like yoghurt, celery, raisins, milk, cranberries and tea. Enrich your diet with these snacks and give your dentist a white smile every single time.