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Emergency Dentist in Lancaster, TX

Emergency Dentist in Lancaster, TX

Just walk-in for affordable emergency dental care
in Lancaster – no appointment needed!

Just walk-in for affordable emergency dental care in Lancaster – no appointment needed!

Emergency Dental Services

Dental emergencies can happen at any time! When they do, seek dental care as soon as possible at Perla Dental – Lancaster. Emergency dental care can save you from losing a tooth and prevent further complications in the future.

At Perla Dental – Lancaster, we offer same-day emergency dental visits with no appointment needed for children and adults. Our dental teams quickly provide the care you need and are focused on offering immediate relief and peace of mind for our patients who are 6-months and older.

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Trusted Emergency Dentistry in
Lancaster Now!

Perla Dental is a trusted, reliable provider of emergency dental services in the greater Lancaster area.

  • Same-day appointments available
  • No appointment needed – Just walk in
  • Experienced Dental Teams
  • Major insurance plans accepted
  • Medicare/Medicaid/VA Insurance accepted
  • Affordable Self-Pay Rates
  • Flexible payment options

Dental Emergencies We Treat in Lancaster

Any injury to the teeth or gums can be serious and should be treated immediately. The expert dental teams at Perla Dental – Lancaster are experienced to handle many different types of dental emergencies. Our goal is to get you comfortable and pain free as quickly as possible.

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A common emergency that results
from tooth decay, tooth injury, or gum disease and causes pain, swelling, and extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

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Chipped Or Broken Teeth

Often occurs due to tooth injury or biting on hard foods. It can also occur due to a cavity. Treatment for this condition includes a filling, crown, or root canal treatment based on the severity of the damage.

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Knocked-Out Teeth

An injury or accident causes knocked-out teeth. If the tooth is implanted again within the first hour of the incident, the chances of it being saved are high so prompt dental care is necessary.

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(Partially Dislodged) Teeth

Occurs when a tooth has been partially pushed out of its socket. Our dental experts reposition and stabilize the tooth with a splint or root canal to treat this condition.

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Lost Fillings

Causes pain and tooth sensitivity. To minimize further tooth damage, seeing our dental team is important.

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Lost Crowns

Results in pain and sensitivity and requires the crown to be replaced immediately.

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Broken Braces Wires

Causes pain and can even injure the mouth or gums. An orthodontist on our team will repair or replace the wire to provide relief.

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Loose Brackets and Bands

Can cause an injury to the mouth if not repositioned or replaced quickly by an orthodontist.

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Caused by infection and is a severe dental emergency that causes pain, swelling, and fever. Your dentist will first drain the abscess and then perform a root canal therapy or tooth extraction, depending on the severity of the condition.

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Injuries to Gums,
Tongue, Cheek, or Lips

Injuries to the gums, tongue, cheek, or lips cause pain and bleeding. It is important to get the severity of the injury evaluated and receive appropriate treatment.

Insurance & Payment Options

At Perla Dental, we accept most major dental insurance plans. Please call our office to verify coverage and benefits of your specific plan. For patients without insurance, we offer competitive rates on all services we provide and flexible payment options based on income levels and credits scores. Perla Dental – Lancaster has also partnered with leading lenders like Sunbit, CareCredit, and LendingClub.

Our goal at Perla Dental is to provide trusted, reliable, and affordable emergency dental services to our patients. If you need care now, don’t wait any longer and visit our office today.

We Accept Many Insurance Plans

At Perla Dental, we understand that dental care can be expensive, so we work
to make sure that everyone has access to quality dental care.

Government Insurance Plans

Our dentists accept most Government plans. Call to verify coverage.

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Private Insurance Plans

Our dentists accept most PPO plans. Call to verify coverage.

Dental Payment Plans & Financing

We are committed to delivering affordable dental and orthodontics services to patients in Lancaster and offer financing programs to fit your budget and credit level.

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In-House Financing Partner

Fast approvals

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In-House Financing Partner

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We also accept financing through our other partners:

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